Llysa Holland
Performer, Writer, Catalyst, Publicist, Grant writer, Cook

Llysa Holland, co-founder and co-artistic instigator of theater simple has created, produced, presented, wrought and wrangled creatively around the Seattle theater scene since since 1989.

Arrived with Andrew Litzky from San Francisco, where she graduated cum laude from San Francisco State university, and attended American Conservatory Theater's Summer Training Congress. Cast as one of 6 actors for Berkeley Rep's Company Too, she worked with Sharon Ott, Irene Lewis, and Barney Simon.

As Chief cook and executive producer of theater simple, Llysa helped keep the theater creating new work, pushed the boundaries of what they do and how they do it, and toured the company and it's work, exporting it's creative philosophy to other countries and communities (for as long as 9 weeks) to Canada, Australia, Singapore and South Carolina.

Collaborator. Toured with One World Theater in Canada (Mother Courage and Midsummer Night's Dream) and in Australia with Ghostlight Theatre from Santa Cruz/ SF (Hunting for Moby Dick and Dicken's Hard Times)

While theater simple is a member of the Network of Ensemble Theaters, Llysa has been part of organizational conversations about board organization, and artistic sharing of creative practices.

As a teaching peer, she has taught workshops on how to tour at colleges and universities, as well as in the field in the US and to emerging artists at professional colleges in Australia.

As a producer/ curator, she is the executive producer of a recurring theatrical showcase called The MashUp at the Western Arts Alliance booking conference, held every three years in Seattle. A popular event showcasing NW theater/ ensemble/unclassifiable productions that are at a disadvantage at booking conferences, due to the nature of that particular beast.